Source quality candidates faster

Find qualified leads faster than any other search platform.

How it works

You don't have to use us for more than 5 mins a day so you can focus on your business.

Create a job

Describe your job requirements or import an existing job posting.

Sit back & relax

Do whatever you want while we locate & contact the perfect candidates for you.

Meet candidates

Message the candidates that are interested, schedule calls, & extend offers.

Why us

Startups love HireFast because it saves time, is super easy, and connects them with the right candidates. If this sounds like your dream, let's get started.

Our end-to-end platform allows startups to hire software developers faster & with more knowledge.

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Access a curated talent pool

Reach thousands of qualified candidates from the biggest online sources like LinkedIn & Github.

Focus on quality candidates

Our proprietary SmartSort™ technology shows you the most relevant candidates first.

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Skip the analysis

Learn about candidates from their career highlights. We automatically hide things like irrelevant experiences & bring the most important facts to the front.

Ready to supercharge your hiring?

HireFast is your ultimate outbound recruitment companion. Save time qualifying leads like never before.