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Find your perfect candidate

Our platform looks through more candidates in 1 second than a human could look at in a year.

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Data-driven decisions

We make sense of millions of data points across GitHub to capture each candidate profile.

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Intuitive search

Our search engine is optimized to give you a better return-on-investment on your time than other platforms.

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Bridging the gap between recruiters and developers.

Recruiters & developers have always spoken different languages - literally. We highlight key insights about the candidate so you can make high value first touchpoints.

Insights that translate to job performance

Email templates with real information

Data driven by real candidate experience

Short list of qualified candidates in seconds

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We've experienced both sides of the recruiting table.

Our advisors bring over a decade of recruiting experience from large companies like Rangle and StackAdapt.

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We are recruiters

Our core advisors are experienced recruiting champions that have founded amazing recruitment groups like The People People Group.

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We are developers

Our team of developers have experienced the recruitment funnel countless times with numerous companies. They aggregated their favourite sourcing strategies into one source.

Our customers are our biggest fans.

We don't like to brag, but we don't mind letting our customers do it for us. Here are a few nice things folks have said about HireFast.


"HireFast removes the complexity of sourcing developers on GitHub and allows to me to focus my efforts in a way no tool has before. It saves me time and guarantees my messaging is personalized and relevant."

Martin Hauck, head of talent

Stay focused on your expertise. Let us handle the sourcing.

You bring the recruitment expertise, we bring the quality candidates. Message the candidates where you like and however you like, with your existing ATS.






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Fair, simple pricing for all.

All types of businesses need access to development resources, so we give you the option to decide how much you need to use.

$ 30 /mo

per seat

10K+ candidates from across 3 major cities

Email templates personalized to candidate's profile

Reports on each candidate's skills & portfolio highlights

Standard support

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What is GitHub? Why should I search it?

Passive developers aren't on job boards or updating their LinkedIn, they're on Github doing what they love - coding. Searching GitHub means removing traditional biases that focus on age, education, and years of experience. Instead, by using GitHub, you use higher quality data that relates directly to the developer's job performance.


What about data privacy?

We make a conscious effort to only use data that is available in the public domain. We even go as far as to automatically hide users that have not consented to publicly sharing their email addresses. If it's not public, you won't see it on our platform.


How does HireFast making searching easier?

GitHub is not built for recruiters. It requires recruiters to understand code quality and review tens of projects for thousands of candidates to correctly source candidates. Though it is possible to use superficial hiring metrics like 'number of followers' and 'commit frequency', these metrics simply propagate discriminatory hiring biases.


If I have LinkedIn Recruiter & StackOverflow Talent, do I need HireFast?

Software developers are not on one platform, millions of developers all of the world are using Github. Since Github does not have a readily available recruiting tool, it means that developers aren't being bombarded by recruiters.

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