Case Study: WorkTango

Written by: Nickie Shobeiry / Last updated: 2020-12-01

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WorkTango helps companies give employees a voice and serve actionable insights to leadership to drive a more aligned and engaged workforce.

🤕 The Challenge

WorkTango grew rapidly, sweeping up awards along the way. Before long, they had to scale-up to reach client deadlines, and were in urgent need of high-quality developers.

With tech talent being in such high demand, this was no easy feat. On top of that, WorkTango was doing all of their recruiting in-house: tapping into personal networks, asking for referrals, and posting to LinkedIn Recruiter and AngelList.

“Sometimes we'd get lucky. Someone knew a friend, and we were able to hire them. On the shorter end, it would take six weeks. Other times, it would take five months to hire even one developer.”

When looking for candidates in Toronto, WorkTango hit a wall.

“LinkedIn Recruiter and AngelList were completely manual. You’re looking for developers that look like they have the right skills and experience.”

Not only were the recruitment platforms frustratingly time-consuming to use — they were suggesting candidates who turned out to be far less qualified than their profile claimed, or were simply uninterested in a new position.

🦸‍♀️ HireFast to the Rescue

It was at this point that WorkTango reached out to HireFast for support, launching their recruiting into high-gear. As well as having a smooth, automated search function, HireFast focuses on proven talent. Unlike other platforms, every single one of HireFast’s developers have demonstrated their coding skills, so clients like WorkTango are assured of candidate quality across the board.

At first, WorkTango required a mid-level developer. In no time at all, HireFast sourced the perfect candidate from almost 80,000 profiles. In fact, the candidate was on the first page of the search results, showing just how fine-tuned HireFast is to their client’s needs.

Nadir was thrilled with HireFast’s recommendations.

“Almost every candidate passed the skills test. They were qualified, and they were interested in talking to us. HireFast wasn’t just feeding us anyone — the candidates met all our requirements. That's what I valued the most.”

That first individual was hired. Just a few days later, WorkTango was ready for another candidate, who was hired in record time: just one week. Two months after that, WorkTango came back for yet another hire — but this time, they needed a more senior developer.

Overall, HireFast drastically cut WorkTango’s average sourcing time, freeing up leadership to focus their recruitment energy on the all-important relationship building and culture fit.

How is HireFast Different to Other Recruitment Platforms?

HireFast screens candidates solely on their code

While platforms like LinkedIn Recruiter are resume-driven, HireFast believes that the work speaks for itself.

When platforms use AI to scan resumes, they are relying on how a candidate described themselves. HireFast’s systems focus entirely on a candidate’s skills, analyzing everything from portfolio to side projects, looking at the techniques and technologies used.

HireFast then maps that information directly onto the company’s job description, leading to reliable recommendations and guaranteed quality of work.

HireFast provides unique six-second summaries

These summaries give recruiters the high-level facts on any candidate in a way that easily translates back to the job description. So when a company is looking for proficiency with React, a recruiter with a sales background can fully engage that candidate without reading their code.

HireFast helps craft the messaging

Meaningful outreach is vital when trying to peak a candidate’s interest – especially developers who often have several recruiters in their inboxes.

HireFast works with its client to curate personalized emails that incorporate a candidate’s best-rated projects, sections of code — even a random coding question to test the candidate’s knowledge. This shows the candidate they are valued, while ensuring the recruiter stays consistent in their messaging.

"Having somebody really speaking towards [the candidate’s] actual code contributions and how it relates to the role at WorkTango is a different approach that seems to resonate. I really, really liked that element of it."

HireFast is exceptionally adaptable

When WorkTango requested senior developers, HireFast responded to this new request by identifying the technologies and techniques that more senior developers would use. By modifying the search criteria, HireFast was able to successfully source the ideal candidate for WorkTango’s new requirements.

Wondering how the hires are doing now?

Twelve months in, WorkTango is loving their four new staff members from HireFast.

“Every person that we've hired through HireFast has exceeded expectations. They're all performing better than we expected them to in terms of how quickly they're ramping their capabilities. They've been great hires.”

WorkTango will be expanding again in the next few months, and the team is already looking forward to working with HireFast again.