Hiring the Top Tech Talent Post COVID-19

Written by: Alina Jahani / Last updated: 2020-12-07


Far too often, we hear the phrase “we’re living in unprecedented times.” Sadly it’s all too true. We’re finding ourselves stuck on mute on Zoom calls, and yelling at our spouse for the one quiet room in a house of screaming kids all while disinfecting every surface that a lysol wipe can clean. This chaotic life has spilled over into hiring quicker than most recruiters can say “you’re hired”. Long gone are the days of hiring at physical networking events, in person interviews or even on site meetings. In this blog, we’ll be walking you through the top tech trends affecting your recruitment process today.

Let me guess how you’ve spent the last couple of hours. I can tell you’ve been pasting the phrase “work from home 5 days/week!” to all your job postings. If this isn’t true, there is a good chance you’re losing talent. The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed many businesses to fully adopt a WFM model. Just look at big companies like Facebook and Google have publicly announced that they have extended their WFM policy till July 2021. If that’s not convincing enough, look at the growth in remote job postings by country.

Source: LinkedIn

Canada is last on the list, however, the challenges we face are all the same. Who will look after your employees’ children while they are at work? For employees with elderly parents living with them, contracting the disease at work could cause their parents’ health to decline. By offering WFM, your company will be a differentiator and your candidates will appreciate that offer.

So if you have not already jumped on the bandwagon, here’s a quick list of steps to do so quickly.

  1. Talk to your CEO/head of management and discuss possible ways to get at least your technical staff working at home.
  1. Create a comprehensive digital online process that allows for your candidates to stay connected to you. For example, Zoom alone is not enough. Consider sending a small package through the mail that encourages close-proximity candidates to think about your brand after you’ve talked to them.
  1. Once you’ve hired a candidate, send a full employee merchandise package through the mail and introduce the team to the new hire on their first day.

Sorry for what I said when I was on mute

Network. Network. And Network. This is a recruiter’s life. But how can you effectively network without being in person? For starters, you can check out this awesome list curated by recruiters for recruiters. It is a great resource of all the upcoming events in the next 2 months before the year ends. The awesome part of this list is that you can add your own company events, and everyone who is subscribed to the list can see your updates. Word of mouth is the best method and what better way to advertise than to 2400 recruiters who have access to this list. This list is also advertised on a regular basis by Recruiting Brainfood, a manually curated recruiting content (aka industry newsletter) delivered to your inbox, once a week. If you aren’t already subscribed to his mailing list, I would highly recommend checking out Recruiter Brainfood’ website to get yourself added. Here’s the screenshot of a snippet of their latest segment.

Source: Recruiting Brainfood

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