✨ How the magic works

We look at thousands of candidates on GitHub

We find developers from all over the world using GitHub.

All candidates are scored on their skills

Every candidate is scored to assess their skills with various technologies.

Candidates are ranked and filtered for you

You get a shortlist of prequalified technical talent to reach out to within one second of your search.

🤔 How do we define 'quality'?

Since the way we do things is radically different than other sourcing platforms, we often get asked how we define quality.

Here's a detailed breakdown.

😄 What we look for

This is the factors that HireFast uses in the background to asses a developer's talent. All of this is done for you so you can focus your efforts on nuturing candidate relationships.

The techniques a developer employs

How developers code, what techniques they apply, and the techniques that they are aware of is a big indicator of job performance. Fundamentally, this defines a remarkable developer.

How the developer ranks against other developers

We benchmark every candidate against a set of ideal candidates and non-ideal candidates. This allows us to rank and filter all developers on our platform to save you time.

Whether a developer discloses their contact information

This is not to verify quality but rather to improve response rates and ensure the privacy of developers. We automatically filter out candidates that have not publicly disclosed contact information.

Not sure if this is enough? Checkout our case study with WorkTango to see how we helped them make remarkable hires.

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🤢 What causes bias in hiring

Here's a list of metrics that many recruiters use to review a candidate's GitHub profile. The same metrics are used by many other sourcing platforms to match candidates.

The number of followers a developer has

This only shows how many friends a developer has. We've seen many cases in which very junior developers will have tons of followers and senior developers will not have many.

The number of projects a developer has

It's very common for developers to create lots of empty or abandoned projects. It is also common for a developer to show off more advanced skills in one serious project than 10 experiments.

The number of times a developer commits in a project

The number of commits is generally a very opioniated topic. Depending on how a project is structured, it can have fewer commits as a result of 'squashing'. This never shows the developer's technical abilities.

What time a developer chooses to work on their projects

Many recruiters believe that developers that code at night are 'better developers' somehow. However, this simply promotes a culture of treating your employees as robots. We must recognize that remarkable developers come from all sorts of sleeping schedules.

How frequently a developer chooses to work on their projects

Many remarkable developers (especially ones working at remarkable companies) make it a point of ensuring that their time outside of work is dedicatedly to themselves, their families, or other non-software activities. This means you will not see these developers frequently coding, but that does not mean that they are not as strong of a developer.

The way a developer looks in their profile picture

Lots of unconscious bias can come from recruiters seeing developers' profile pictures. This can lead to discrimination on the basis of race, gender, age, or even personality. In fact, we are working on getting rid of profile pictures all together. 

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