About Us

Founded in 2019, HireFast is an up & coming startup that aims to help startups make data-driven hiring decisions faster and with more knowledge about their candidates. We do this through an intuitive platform that brings the top hiring practices to the fingertips of startups.

Our platform is specially designed for startups that have minimal recruitment experience and little time to rapidly hire qualified and interested technical talent. We do this by scoring passive developers based on their online presence and likelihood of success at the given startup. We also automate the first touchpoint between the startup and the candidate & generate an ROI report of interested candidates.

We filter candidates based on hundreds of factors such as their loyalty to past employers, their commitment to the developer community, and their passion towards the startup's manifesto. The entire process is automated, reducing the costs and time spent in the hiring cycle.

Our Team

Alina Jahani

Co-Founder & CEO

As a Management Information Systems student at the University of Ottawa, Alina has always been in love with the intersection of business and technology. With HireFast, she hopes to disrupt the way recuirtment works.

Karim Alibhai

Co-Founder & CTO

Karim is an avid software developer and a performance junkie. His past artwork circulates around helping companies automate inefficiencies. With NGD, he hopes to radically change the speed of the recruitment process.